Why we do What we do

Face-Down Recovery Solutions for Eye Surgery
State of the Art, Medical-Grade Equipment

It has been said that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ In my family’s case it was the father, rather than the mother. When our father underwent the first of several eye surgeries more than 10 years ago, his surgeon stressed the importance of maintaining a face-down position during recovery. “A surgeon repairs the eye,” he said, “but the face-down recovery period heals it.” Armed with this caution, our father went home fully intending to remain in face down for a full 7 days. But, without any recovery equipment to provide comfort or to support his head, neck and back, he was in agonizing muscle and skeletal pain within 24 hours, and regardless of the consequences, he was ready to give up with a full 6 days to go. In order to alleviate his suffering we scrambled to fashion any kind of face-down recovery aid we could from whatever we found around our home. Luckily, through a process of trial and error we managed to provide some comfort for him for the remainder of his recovery.

That experienced inspired our family to develop products to help other families better manage their loved ones’ recovery. We have spent more than a decade developing and refining our equipment, and it has been our family’s privilege to help many others recover from their surgeries as comfortably and successfully as possible. We wish you an equally pleasant eye surgery recovery.