Face-Down Recovery Solutions for Eye Surgery
State of the Art, Medical-Grade Equipment

“After my husband's eye surgery, we used your equipment for his recovery. It was delivered right to our door and set up for us, and we were shown exactly how to use it. Your equipment made his recovery week much more comfortable. Thank you.” - Jeannie L.

“Following my surgery for a macular hole I had to stay face down 24/7 for more than a week. The chair I rented from you is the only thing that made it possible. I was able to stay in my home for the entire time, and I was always comfortable. Most importantly, my back never hurt from staying face down for that long. I couldn’t have survived that long without the chair. Your company also offers great customer service and your prices were very reasonable.” - Gerry C.

“My husband's recovery period after his recent surgery to repair a macular hole was made so much easier because of your products. Your seated support system with the attachable mirror made the long days in the face down position almost normal at times, like when he was able to watch television or read. The sleep support system was probably the best part. He was able to stay in that position and sleep through the night.” - Denise K.

“I’m grateful to your professional staff for listening very patiently when we called to explain our situation. They were very helpful in explaining how your products could help us get through a difficult period. We are very grateful for all your company did for us, and for making it so affordable.” - Peter V.