Our Equipment

Face-Down Recovery Solutions for Eye Surgery
State of the Art, Medical-Grade Equipment

Seated Support:

Because it takes up no more room than an ordinary chair, our seated support can easily be used around family or friends in a living room or family room. It is versatile enough to accommodate individuals from 4’8″ to 6’8”, and its sturdy aluminum frame can support up to 600 pounds. Its rounded pads, adjustable seat, and telescoping legs provide maximum comfort, even for long-term use. You’ll find you can enjoy many activities while face down, including watching tv, carrying on a conversation, reading and writing, or even using a computer or tablet.

Table Top Support:

Our table top support allows you to remain face-down while sitting at a table. You can eat comfortably, read, or even play cards. It is lightweight and portable, and can even be used in a car to make the ride home after your surgery safe and comfortable.

All our high-quality supports are made with medical-grade hypoallergenic foam, are latex-free and are made without volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).

Sleep Support:

Our unique sleep system offers more than just support for your head, neck, and shoulders without adding additional strain to the rest of your body. Its one-piece construction is far more efficient than other designs made up of several pieces that can move or separate during the night and disturb your sleep. And unlike other supports that require you to hang off the bed as you sleep, ours is designed so that you sleep on your bed as you normally would, as comfortably as possible, and undisturbed.

Men and women with lower back problems will find our exclusive design offers proper support for a good night’s rest. And for women who have had breast surgery, the female contour support (including a removable center pillow) adds an important extra dimension of comfort.


With our versatile tray, remaining in the face-down position won’t keep you from enjoying some of your favorite activities, or completing various tasks. The custom-designed reverse mirror allows you to watch tv comfortably, see the people you are talking to, use a laptop computer or tablet to work or stay connected, read books and magazines, and even write or draw.

We also supply a variety of other useful accessories, including adjustable head pieces that accommodate bandages and glasses, and changeable covers for all face down pads to keep all surfaces comfortable and clean.

Why Choose VRUSA?

VRUSA Other Rental Companies Purchased Equipment
Face-down chair
Desigend to be comfortable, versatile and fully adjustable for extended periods of use
Accommodates up to 600 pounds static weight
Accommodates individuals from 4'8" - 6'8"
Includes a custom table surface and reverse mirror for reading, eating, and using a computer
Designed to blend in with almost any home decor
Comes with a comfort square for additional seating support
Includes soft, washable, custom fit cloth face covers for cleanliness and comfort
Includes portable head and neck support for use on the ride home from surgery
Comes with a comfort square for additional seating support
Includes soft, washable, custom fit cloth face covers for cleanliness and comfort
Allows you to sleep fully on your bed and in your normal position - head at the top, feet at the bottom
Designed with contour chest piece, extra foam extension for taller patients, and bolster foam for ankles
Reverse mirror for watching television and custom table for use with seated support
3-piece set of face cushions to accommodate bandages and glasses
Comfort square for additional seating support
Travel bags to carry equipment
Customer service representatives who will talk you through setting up and adjusting your equipment
Delivery and professional set-up in personalized service areas
More than 10 years of medical and eye surgery recovery experience